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Pfaff Creative 3.0


PFaff Creative 3.0 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Colour touch screen

Built-in designs and embroidery fonts

Exclusive Stitch Creator feature

On-screen customising of embroidery designs

Two embroidery hoops included

8 presser feet included

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Sewing Features

Exclusive Stitch Creator™ Feature – Create new 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity.

The Original IDT™ System – Integrated Dual Feed only from PFAFF® for over 40 years! Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom. Optimized Feeding – enhanced to provide more control when sewing through thick layers or seaming small pieces.

Large Sewing Space – The PFAFF® creative™ 3.0 sewing and embroidery machine is the perfect choice for quilters, home decor sewers, fashion enthusiasts – anyone who creates. The sewing area to the right of the needle is supersized for sewing large amounts of fabric or batting.

Over 250 Stitches – be astonished by the fascinating selection of PFAFF® high-quality 9mm stitches – unique embellishments, stitched perfectly.

4 Built-in Stitch Fonts – Choose a font to personalize your project.

creative signature™ Sewing Programs:

Tapering on all 9mm Decorative Stitches – Taper the beginning and/ or end of any stitch, and choose from many different angles for unlimited opportunities.

Patchwork Program – Use Patchwork Program to remember the seam length to repeat over and over. This can be used with both utility and decorative stitches.

Single Stitch Program – Set exact number of stitches or sequence repeats you wish to sew. 

Mirror Image of Stitches – Flip the stitch side to side and/or end to end for even more possibilities.

Stitch Positioning – Moves complete stitch right or left to easily align decorative stitches.

Stitch Density – Density can be increased or decreased without affecting stitch length by controlling the distance between the stitch points.

Automatic Presser Foot Lift – Raises the presser foot instantly when the needle is set to stop down and/or at the end of a seam after a thread snip.

Free-motion Modes – Three modes for free-motion quilting, thread painting or darning.

Select the best mode for your specific technique.

Needle Up/Down – Set needle to stop up or down in the fabric for pivoting, appliqué and more.

Sensormatic Buttonhole – Buttonhole columns are sewn in the same direction for precise stitch quality.

Start/Stop – Sew without the foot control – Makes sewing long seams, free-motion and buttonholes easy.

37 Needle Positions – For exact placement of your straight stitch.

Stitch Width Safety – Limits stitch width to centre needle straight stitch while using straight stitch foot to prevent needle breakage.

Stitch Restart – Return to the beginning of a stitch or sequence without having to reset any special adjustments you’ve made.

Immediate Tie-off – When pressed the machine will tie-off and stop automatically for a quick and easy finish.

Accessory Feet included –8 different presser feet for all your basic needs.

Embroidery Features

On-screen Customizing of Embroidery Designs – You can easily combine multiple designs directly on screen.

Built-In Designs and Embroidery Fonts + Memory to Save Combinations – 157 fantastic embroidery designs and 2 embroidery fonts – each in three different sizes – are stored in the machine’s memory.

There’s plenty of space to save your personal creations too for easy access.

Large Embroidery Area – Embroider designs up to 260 x 200mm.

Basic Precise Positioning – Easily match your design to a specific point on your fabric.

creative signature™ Embroidery Programs:

• Mirror – Flip the designs side to side and/or end to end for even more possibilities.

• Rotate – Rotate by 1° increments for precise adjustments.

• Embroidery Design Scale – Enlarge or reduce designs without changing the stitch count.

• Monochrome – Stitch any design in a single colour without colour stops.

• Basting in the Hoop – Baste fabric to a stabiliser that is already hooped. Also great for knit fabrics or other fabrics that you do not wish to hoop.

Cut Jump Stitches – Cuts embroidery jump stitches automatically, pulling threads to the back side.

Embroidery Zoom Possibilities – Makes customizing on the PFAFF® creative™ Color Touch Screen simple and precise.

Hoop Positions – Move the hoop to correct position for changing the bobbin, cutting jump stitches, trimming an appliqué or finding the center of the design.

Embroidery Hoops included – The machine comes with two hoops: creative™ 120 SQUARE HOOP (120x120), creative™ ELITE HOOP (260x200).

QuickFont Program – Use your computer and QuickFont Program to create embroidery fonts from any TrueType® font.

Program for Viewing and Organizing Designs – Organize design files saved on your computer, turn designs into image files, print catalogs and more.